About Us

Are you a fan of online games? If so, you are in the right place. Our website is devoted completely to online gaming and everything that has to do with this wonderful and exciting form of online entertainment. Of course, in addition to having actual online games for you to play, we also have gaming forums and places to meet other people who share your interests.

We want to make Fans of Games a place where people can come to learn more about games, play games, and indulge in their interests. Naturally, we like to think that this makes us your one stop destination for everything that has to do with online gaming.

First of all, we want to thank you for visiting our About Us page. Here, you will get your first impressions of what our site offers. Again, we have everything you would ever need for a great online gaming site. On this page, you also learn about how to sign up for our website. Before you start participating in the forums or playing games, you will need to have a username and password so that you can enter all of these places on our site. The sign up process is super easy, and you can learn more below.

In addition to learning about how to create your username and password, you will learn more about all of the different types of games we offer below. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at all of the options we have.

Sign Up Process for Fans of Games

At Fans of Games, we want to make signing up simple for our site visitors. But we also want to make sure that you stand out as an individual and that you are able to put everything you want people to know about you on your profile. In this way, if you would like, you can fill out an extensive profile form so that people can look over it and possibly connect with you if you share interests.

Feel free to include a photo or avatar, a small biography of yourself, what games you love to play most of the time, other hobbies or interests you may have, and your location in the world if you feel comfortable sharing this.

To complete the sign-up process, we will send you a confirmation email with a link that you must click on. Once you click this link, you will be brought directly back to our website where you can then begin to either flesh out your profile some more or start playing games or connecting with others on the forums.

The Games We Offer at Fans of Games

As we stated in the introduction, we have a number of awesome games to choose from. If you are a kid, we have a huge selection of mobile kids games that are fun and also educational. We also have puzzle games for all ages, treasure hunting games, avatar games and sports games too.

Thanks again for visiting us!